Thank you for your interest in ROSCon 2022 to be held October 19 - 21, 2022 in Kyoto Japan at the Kyoto International Conference Center.

For more information about ROSCon visit the conference website. 

Registration Pricing

All tickets are limited in quantity and will be offered first-come, first-serve until they sell out or until their date below, whichever comes first.

Ticket TypeTicket Cost
All prices in USD
Dates Available
Early Student$250Now - September 19
Early General$500Now - September 19
Regular Student$350 September 20 - October 20
Regular General$650 September 20 - October 20
Late Student$425October 20
Late General$750October 20
Workshops - Student$50 - In addition to conference registration Now - October 21 (while supplies last)
Workshops - Non-Student $100 - In addition to conference registration Now - October 21 (while supplies last)

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Access to all conference sessions and materials as well as refreshment breaks lunch on October 20th and October 21st & swag. 

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS: ROSCon will feature pre-conference workshops on October 19th from 9-5PM as an add-on option to your standard full conference registration. 

ROSCON JAPAN: ROSCon Japan can be selected as an add-on option to your ROSCon full conference registration or purchased as ROSCon Japan Workshop ONLY. 

REFUNDS: All refund requests must be made in writing with the subject line "CANCELLATION" and received no later than Monday, October 3rd. No refunds will be processed for those cancelling after this date. Refund requests are subject to a $50 processing fee. To obtain a refund, please email [email protected] 

SUBSTITUTION: Requests must be made in writing and emailed to [email protected]. Requests will be accommodated at no fee. Substitution requests made after Monday, September 7th will not guarantee availability of an updated t-shirt size.

DISCOUNTS: Depending on the available funds, we may be able to offer discounted or waived registration fees to attendees for whom it would make a difference in their decision to attend ROSCon 2022 in Kyoto, Japan. To ask for a discounted registration, please send an email to [email protected] 


Visa Information

In order to attend ROSCon 2022, foreign business travelers and students can enter Japan as long as they have the proper visa issued by Embassies or Consulates or Consular Offices of Japan.

We have contracted with JTB Agency which will provide the necessary materials and support to both the ROSCon and IROS registrants for a one-time fee of 18,000 JPY or $132 USD. If you are also attending IROS and have already paid for this support during the IROS registration process, you do not need to purchase it again as the visa will cover a period of 90 days.

To apply for a visa, you must submit the required documents for visa application and your hosting organization’s certificate for ERFS registration to the Japanese overseas establishments in your country/region. The JTB Agency will provide the necessary materials and support to conference registrants if visa (including ERFS) application fee is paid. Please choose the “Yes, I require visa and ERFS support to attend ROSCon 2022” option when registering for the conference to pay the visa application fee. We will collect the fee and remit it to JTB on your behalf, and JTB will contact you for further requests afterward.

What is ERFS (Enters, Returnees Follow-up System)?

ERFS is a system used for "online application for foreign nationals," which is necessary for travelers to enter Japan. 

What kind of visa will I receive?

JTB Agency will help you apply for business visas. The visa allows you to stay in Japan for 90 days, fully covering the conference period. Please contact JTB if you have other requests about visa applications.

Please refer to the following government pages for more information.


(COVID-19 Policies) 

What does the cost cover?

The visa application costs 18,000 JPY, which is a standard value charged by JTB. The cost includes paperwork and ERFS registration carried out by JTB staff. They will contact you (by email) for basic information, examine and update your data, and return a list of materials ready to be submitted to your local Japanese oversea establishments. Your duty will be to submit those materials and wait for the visa to be issued. Note that you no longer need to pay visa processing fees to the Japanese overseas establishments in your country/region when submitting your materials. JTB will NOT submit these materials for you. You must submit these materials and wait for the visa to be issued. 

What is the process to apply for a visa?

  1. Register for ROSCon 2022

  2. Check if you still need a visa to enter Japan (

  3. If you do need a visa, during registration, indicate that you need visa support, and acknowledge the additional cost of 18,000 JPY.

  4. A representative from JTB will reach out via email to provide support for the visa process within 5 business days of registering. 

  5. Gather all documentation requested by JTB, and return it to JTB so they can review your information and ensure it is ready for processing. Please allow 7-10 business days for JTB to review and return your documents. 

  6. Submit the documents at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate that is local to you; you will need to bring your passport with you and leave it during the processing time.

  7. The estimated visa processing time is 5 business days, but please allow additional time prior to travel. 

How to get in touch with the JTB Agency:

JTB Corp., Western Japan MICE Branch
JTB Bldg. 6F, 2-1-25, Kyutaromachi
Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0056
TEL: +81-6-6210-5405 FAX: +81-6-6210-5423

Demograhic Information

ROSCon is committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in our work. This effort can be enhanced with demographic statistics collected through the registration process. This information is collected solely for the purpose of compiling, analyzing and disclosing statistics of attendance at ROSCon to help track progress towards meeting our commitment to diversity.  

Consent to provide demographic information for the purpose listed above is optional and voluntary, and is provided by selecting an option from the drop-down for the corresponding question. Demographic information is considered confidential and it will not be shared with others as part of your registration details, nor will it be used to subject you to adverse treatment.

Terms & Privacy

Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the Code of Conduct, the full text of which can be reviewed on our website. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Please Review Our Attendee Health and Safety Guidelines

With regards to attendee health and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ROSCon will be following all applicable local public health guidelines in order to provide as safe an environment as possible when meeting in person for ROSCon 2022. This segment of the Code of Conduct may be revised as needed to reflect the latest guidance and is current as of 6/8/2022.

ROSCon encourages attendees to be fully vaccinated prior to arriving onsite at the conference. In addition, the organizers ask that you:

  • Adhere to government-issued travel restrictions and guidance issued by the region you will be traveling to and the region you are traveling from (including compliance required by airlines or other travel services).
  • Agree to local and or venue requirements to properly wear a mask or facial covering if required; covering your nose and mouth.
  • Follow relevant guidance provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), or your local health authority.
  • Evaluate your own health and that of people you are in close contact with; Contact the ROSCon organizers if you have concerns.
  • Stay home if you feel sick and seek medical attention at any time if you feel unwell or are experiencing flu-like symptoms.
  • Follow guidance from your local health authority for everyday preventive actions to help the spread of respiratory viruses.

For more recommendations, see:

By registering to attend ROSCon 2022 or ROSCon Japan Only (“Event”), I agree to the following Terms and Conditions, and I attest that I have read and will abide by the Code of Conduct linked above. I understand that updates may be made to the Health and Safety guidelines mentioned in the Code of Conduct leading up to and during the Event as circumstances change due to the pandemic.
ROSCon 2022 has selected Whova as the Conference app and we would like to let you know that your data will be shared with Whova. All registered attendees will be added to Whova to access the event. When added, you will be visible as a ROSCon attendee, with your first name, last name, organization and job title. Your email address will also be shared with Whova platform, but will only be visible to other attendees if you choose to make connections on Whova; you may opt out of networking on the platform at any time. For further information on your data processing and your rights, please refer to Whova's protection of data policy -

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